ServiceTitan helps you efficiently schedule jobs and dispatch your technicians. A calendar provides an overview of all jobs that are scheduled for your business. You can drag and drop calendar items to quickly adjust your schedule. ServiceTitan was founded by Ara Mahdessian and Vahe Kuzoyan in 2012. Today, this solution is used by over 4,400 service businesses and over 100,000 contractors.

  1. Founded in 2012 in Glendale, CA, the business has more than 11,000 customers generating more than $200 in annual recurring revenue (ARR).
  2. But once you're on the phone or online with them, you can rest assured that your field service business will be up and running soon.
  3. The pricebook is a digital catalog of the services and materials that your company offers.
  4. FieldCamp will help expand your company and boost revenue sales by optimizing most of your work process with complete automation.
  5. Stay ahead with access to reports, tools, and insights from industry experts.

This may become more likely if the company raises another round of private equity capital. All U.S.-based investors are eligible to be part owners of ServiceTitan stock via the Fundrise Innovation Fund. The latest confirmed funding round, a Series G, was a $200 million raise tied to the Aspire acquisition (a landscaping software company) in June 2021.

Powering a Trillion dollar + industry end to end

ServiceTitan is a popular field service management (FSM) solution used by over 4,400 service businesses and over 100,000 contractors. This solution is used in several different industries including HVAC, electrical, plumbing, chimney sweep, and garage door. ServiceTitan helps businesses generate revenue and optimize operations with features including online & call booking, a dispatch board, a mobile application, online payment processing, and reporting.

The first Armenian-founded tech unicorn

You can't even get a demo without filling out a form and having a salesperson contact you first. The software also ensures that whoever is taking the call can see what fields need to be filled in, and drop-down menus prevent finmax broker the need for a lot of manual typing that can drag out appointment scheduling. Socius' full-service web design and digital marketing services give you the credibility you deserve while turning your business into a...

The world's leading all-in-one software for residential HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and other home service businesses. ServiceTitan has excellent reviews from its customers, but a few have complaints about challenges around its accounting software and reporting capabilities. It also doesn’t offer any pricing information, but you can request a free demo to learn more and see if it’s a good fit for your business. Leverage the benefits of our 7-day FREE trial period to learn how our field service scheduling software can help your business flourish.

When you integrate your platforms, you can preserve data integrity, use real-time campaigns and reporting, and save time with workflows. Dispatch Pro promises to take the stress out of dispatching by automatically scheduling techs to jobs in close proximity. Customizing the booking experience by combining Scheduling Pro with Reserve with Google (or Google Reserve in Lizette’s words) enhances the process. Reserve with Google allows customers to book work directly from a business’s profile on Google Search and Maps.

Use ServiceTitan to keep up with customers, employees, projects, payments, and your performance. The new Year End 2023 release of your personalized Benchmark Report -- powered by Titan Intelligence is here! In this 7th edition of data-driven insights, we take a look at how your company did last year in 2023. Considering ServiceTitan’s homegrown roots, offering customers IPO access would be a nice gesture. Savvy IPO investors may find opportunities to invest during the IPO when it arrives.

Gain real-time insights into your business and the features needed to make real-time decisions and improvements. Arm your field team with the tools they need to boost revenue and efficiency at every job they work. Impress your customers with a convenient, mobile-first experience.

Champions of the industry.

The problem with trying to understand the price of field service software is that they typically are customized for each individual company. Whether you're a massive corporation looking for improved organization or a small startup in need of some help, these software can cost a lot or a little depending on what you need. Data is the key to any successful business, and ServiceTitan Reporting provides all the information you'll need to make the right decisions for your business. With missed revenue trackers, booking rate statistics, and customer satisfaction ratings, you'll know exactly where you business stands and how you can improve it, making your money at every turn.

Delight customers

Our end-to-end solution includes CRM, intelligent dispatching, custom reporting, marketing automation, a mobile solution for field techs, and accounting integrations with Sage Intacct and QuickBooks. The platform's core product offers advanced job booking, drag and drop dispatch board, communication with technicians via integrated texting, email and calls, and advanced reporting. The technician mobile solution allows for paperless invoicing, virtual sales presentation to help techs upsell with each visit, and payment processing in the field.

It has good dashboard and reporting functions so you can see where technicians are going to be in the coming weeks, and it keeps track of what has been accomplished on each job. You can also sort customers and jobs, making them easy to organize. When phone calls come into your business, the software will automatically populate with the customer's information so you can see who it is before you pick up. It makes it a lot easier to make appointments, as well as provide that personal touch that customers will appreciate.

Users are pleased with its ease of use and that the software is being regularly updated with new features based on user feedback. You can also review job histories so you know exactly what was done and when. Forms can also be uploaded into the mobile app, and they can be set to appear at certain points in the job cycle so the right forms are consistently completed at the right time. ServiceTitan’s primary advantages are its comprehensive field management solution, ability to help you make better decisions, smartphone application integration, and ease of use. Business review site Yelp can have a huge impact on how many potential clients become actual clients.

When you receive a call, a pop up will appear containing the caller’s name and contact information. Additionally, you can quickly access the customer’s profile containing critical information such as location, notes, forms, and attachments. Overall, we found that ServiceTitan is an excellent field service management software that earns high marks for its ease of use and powerful features. While it may be better suited to larger operations, any company looking to get to the next level can benefit from ServiceTitan. The software supports all aspects of trade businesses, including marketing, scheduling, dispatch, payments, timesheets, payroll, and customer service management.

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